Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Thing Evah!

Good morning Globecraft friends!!

Pinky here with one of the "Best Things Evah!" the fun and beautiful 
Easel Greeting Cards. I cannot tell you how much I have fallen in love with these!
I thought it would be fun to decorate the card using some
vintage paint chip paper. This is how I created this card. 
Step 1. Using Beacon 3N1 coat front of Easel card.
Step 2. Lay paper onto glued areas. 
Step 3. Trim off excess paper using scissors and craft knife. 
Step 4. Turn card over, use craft knife and follow lines to cut out flap. 
Now your card is ready for decoration!
I especially like covering the entire card because when you place flap
in correct position, you can see the patterned paper as shown in this photo.
 Really there are endless ways to decorate these card!
It's pretty much the best thing evah~
 Until next time- have fun crafting!

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Cultivate Life in Joy said...

what an awesome look and that shabby chic..look

LORRAINE p said...

so trashy, I love it.

linda said...

very cool!

Dorina D said...

What a great card and I love the fact that it's an easel card. Great job and tutorial. Thanks. So glad I found your site - came over from Beth Kingston's blog. said...

so creative and different - LOVE IT!


Tammy said...

I love everything about it---especially the vintage paint chip paper---my goodness---I will have to fun some of that:) Seriously!!! Thank you so very much for allowing me to glean from you and thank you for your generosity!!! be blessed
~Beyond Measure

Mommyto2inTX said...

I love that the card looks so antique and that it's an easel. So easy to display.

Liz said...

A very cool technique ! And a nice take on the easel card. Came here from Xyron - they rock too !

mcgeechs said...

I just found your Facebook page. Great card.

LynzCraftz said...

Fantastic card! I love the sentiment!

Meice said...

Love the look & it's about love...

Ann said...

These are really cool - great card!

MsSweetP said...

Found you through Xyron, love the card.

Miriam Prantner said...

Love the kind of elegant/distressed look to this card!