Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Airship Express

Every year I try to find a new ornament to place on our Christmas tree and add to our collection. I love finding different and vintage style ornaments, and if it is handcrafted all the better! Which brings me to the Globecraft and Piccolo Airship kit. I know many of you don't think of airships when Christmas comes to mind but I thought why not have a special airship just for Santa!

Tracy Alden
Art Resurrected

G&P Steampunk Airship Kit (Mini)
G&P Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze
G&P Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze
G&P The Night Before Christmas Accents

G&P Lil Christmas Accents (Micro)
G&P Small Flourishes
G&P Medium Flourishes
G&P 3D Enamel Gel Leafy Green
G&P 3D Enamel Burnt Umber
G&P 3D Enamel Mars Black
G&P 3D Enamel Titanium White
G&P 3D Enamel Yellow Ochre
G&P 3D Enamel Napthol Red
24K Gold Enamel Powder
Copper Kettle Enamel Powder
G&P Piccolo Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive

Piccolo Easy Grip Tweezers

Art Glitter Institute Micro fine Arctic Glitter 
Black ink stamp pad
Christmas saying stamp
Red and Clear crystals stickers
Fishing line
Cotton Swabs
Cosmetic Sponge
Mini Adhesive Foam squares

Carefully I removed the Airship and all of the accents from their backing. I started coating the boat portion and fin of the airship with
3D Enamel Burnt Umber. Let dry and then coated the reverse sides.

I applied
3D Enamel Gel Leafy Green to the mini tree and 3D Enamel Napthol Red to the bows. The reindeer got coated with the 3D Enamel Yellow Ochre and then the antlers and hooves with 3D Enamel Mars Black.

Carefully I coated four flourishes with
3D Enamel Gel Leafy Green and four with 3D Enamel Napthol Red, one flourish with 3D Enamel Titanium White. All of these elements will be used later to decorate the airship. You might have noticed I did not use all of the flourishes that came in the packs for this project. Any Piccolos I don't use right away get saved for other projects. :)

I used a Christmas stamp on cream colored paper and cut it out in the shape of a banner. Using a cosmetic sponge I applied 3D Enamel Yellow Ochre around the edges back and front of the banner and let it dry.

 Using the handle of a paint brush I curled the banner to give it the effect of movement.

I then coated the front and back of the banner with Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze and let dry.

I applied
Embossing Powder Adhesive to the airship outer rings, the engine base and a few of the gears. Then I coated them with 24K Gold Enamel Powder and heat to set. I also applied the same enamel powder to the other side of the engine. Embossing Powder Adhesive was then applied to the engine and the last remaining gears. On went a coat of Copper Kettle Enamel Powder and heat set. I repeated this for the other side of the engine.

Mini Adhesive Foam squares I attached the outer boat and engine elements to both sides of the airship.

A thin coat of
Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze was then applied to the engine compartment on both sides and small sticker gems were added to the gears.

A thin bead of Glastique Glaze was then applied to the inside of both outer rings of the airship. The globes were placed onto of this bead and clipped into place to dry. Once dry, the outer rings were attached to the inner engine plate with a thin bead of Glastique and clipped into place until dry.

The now-dry flourishes and sticker gems were attached to both sides of the airship with
Glastique Glaze.

I applied
Glastique Gloss Glaze on the right side and edges to the airship and sprinkled Micro fine Arctic Glitter on top. Once dry I attached the banner onto the airship with fishing line and added a loop on top to hang it on the tree.

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Until next time, Safe Travels! 

6 comments: said...

This is crazy cool! The 3D Enamels look great on those tiny pieces and I love the way the Santa and reindeer were incorporated.

Mae Lewis said...

SOOO CUTE! I LOVE this, just beyond adorable. I want one for my tree.

Chrissy said...

Adorable! I love this idea. I was going to make one as well! Great minds think alike...and are all on the G/P design team! LOLOLOL!!!

Art Resurrected said...

Thank you everyone. :) The airship kits are one of my favorite Globecraft products. I have been thinking of making a airship ornament for some time but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Once I tested the the mini airship on the tree and found out it was perfect size for an ornament, my mind was a whirl from there.

Arin said...

this is just amazing! My hubs would have a fit for one of these on the tree!

linda said...

There's still time to make him one!