Thursday, February 27, 2014

My hope is found.....

Good morning peeps --- Teresa here with a tribute to many many people. Meet HOPE. I have known I wanted to make her, and the new Aged Pink Powder gave me the very last item I needed.

She looks a lot more complicated to assemble than she actually is. So let's jump on in. Shopping first.

from the New Release Items.

- Aged Pink Enamel powders
- Aged White Enamel powder

Other Globecraft Piccolo products.
- Cranberry Wine Enamel Powder
- Poodle Skirt Enamel Powder
- Enamel Adhesive
- UV Resin
- Matte Glastique Finishing Glaze
- Snowflake Accents 
- Bejeweled Snowflake Accents

Miscellaneous Supplies
- Cross Stitch Fabric (I used a 32 Count Linen in Ivory)
- Sparkly Floss in pink
- small bit of ivory cardstock
- glitter paper for wings
- silver stamp ink (the London Fog from Sweet Stamps is really pretty)
- a tiny lace medallion for her halo (I made my own.)
- buttons to use as spacers.
- silver sewing thread
- a mounting board
- a tiny bit of gesso
- tiny bit of pink glitter

Now here we go.

I stitched the word HOPE at the center bottom of my fabric using the pink floss. (Link to a free PDF of the font)

I covered all of my Piccolos with a bit of gesso. The sides will show and I carefully made sure to cover them. Wait patiently for this to dry.

Then I embossed all of my shapes in assorted Pinks.

The ones above are Cranberry Wine (this is my current favorite)

The ones above are Poodle Skirt

The top one above is Aged Pink and the smaller one is Aged White.

I stamped my pretty angel's face and then added a bit of the Aged White Powder to her hair. I even used a paintbrush and flecked a little into areas in her hair. I cut her out to fit my medallion.

After embossing her accents - I covered her with UV Resin and set it outside in the sun to cure. In sunshine it takes about 3 minutes. 

I added a medallion behind her pretty face. I made my own to give her a halo effect. I simply glued the resin piece to this.

I cut wings from some glitter paper.  Then (using my finger) smeared the Glastique on them waited just a moment and sprinkled with some pink glitter.

The Glastique is a fabulous adhesive for the glitter. See the detail below. By waiting just a moment before I added the glitter, some of the Glastique dried and the remaining areas held the glitter.

Now all of our components are ready.

I sat down and stitched her bits and pieces to the fabric.

Stacked some, using buttons for spacers. I gasped when I started the stacking. It gave great dimension to the artwork.

After I stitched everything down, I added her face. I simply glued it on with E6000.

Then I wrapped her around an 8x10 board. I have her in a shadow box now - but she could be framed or mounted on canvas.

I love the various ways you can combine the Piccolo shapes.

A similar angel could be made from flowers, from flourishes, even from the various gears.

I do hope you will try your hand at some of these ideas son.


Tracy said...

This is just an amazing and truly beautiful piece, blown away by how beautiful x

Sandy Fredrick said...

Beautiful, love how you used the snowflakes and the variety of enamel colors.