Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hi all, it's Christi with a project that was inspired by my Globecraft& Piccolo teammate Tracy (see her project HERE), I took one of my recent goodies and decided to use the leftover chipboard as a stencil. For my project today I made a very simple wall hanging.   
I could of made a beautiful card out of this just as easily, but my walls are bare! And, yes, I realize there is nothing on this to hang it yet, but I am going to be ordering wall hangers from G&P!

I used:
Piece of Vellum Card Stock (thicker than regular vellum)
White card stock
Dylusions Ink Sprays
Removable tape (to hold the stencil)
Scrap mat board

I removed all of the keys (there are 18 of them and they are 2" long) and took the leftover frame, taped it down on a piece of card stock and sprayed away with my Dylusions Ink Sprays.
Mine didn't come out as "smooth" as Tracy's - I think I need that adhesive she used! 

I cut the stenciled card stock down to size (I removed all the “over spray”) and then cut a piece of scrap mat board the size of the stenciled card stock.  Before I attached the cardstock to the mat board, I found a cool quote (I know, another one!), set it up in Microsoft Word, adjusted the font and such until I liked it, then printed the quote on vellum card stock. 
Another GREAT quote!!
I chose vellum card stock instead of regular vellum because I wanted to be able to still see the keys behind the quote, but I didn’t want the keys to be so visible that they were a distraction.

I cut the quote down to the size I wanted (after I let it dry – very important that you don’t touch the printed quote for a few minutes – how do I know? Guess!)  and attached that to the card stock using brads.  Glued the card stock onto the mat board and now I have another cool piece to hang in my studio!

Can you see the Key Holder?!?
In addition, wouldn't the leftover frame be a really cute board to hang your keys on?? Hmmm. . .
A final look. . .

I wish you all a happy holiday weekend ~ Christi


Sandy Fredrick said...

Love how you used the negative portion of the keys to make your card. Awesome!!

Tracy said...

I think it turned out awesome !! love it xx