Thursday, April 10, 2014


This one is in honor of ALL the people who helped shape me into who I am today. 

When I first saw the Bubble Backgrounds, I was taken back to my childhood. I don't remember how it got started, but my Grandmother's wisdom made this a favorite activity. She would take a piece of notebook paper and make the wonderful, overlapping, "squigglys" with a black marker. We took crayons and colored the sections in, making sure that like colors did not "touch". This was a great QUIET activity and I spent hours coloring them. So here is my tribute artwork to her.

Lets go shopping
- Bubbles ATC sized background
- embossing Enamel Adhesive
- Glastique Gloss 
- Vintage Silver Embossing Powder
- 3D Enamel Gels
    -blue pearl
    -deep red
    -blue green
    -coral pearl
    -leafy green
    -honey mustard

Extras -
-gel type glue
- heat gun
- an appropriate quote (mine is vellum)
- paper background for quote
- brads to attach quote
- mat board
- scissors
- buttons

Let's get started - again I do not "DO" complicated. All of this is so very easy.

I started with the back ground. I had studied it for a bit in the package.

I knew I was using a quote that referenced rubies, so I had selected red buttons to accent the art.

The overlapping circles were too small in the original format so I cut some of them out in the centers.

I simply used some tiny pointed scissors to do this. The book board is a paper product, so it is very easy to manipulate.

I applied embossing adhesive and used my Vintage Silver Powder to cover the board.

Then i selected my 3D Enamel Gels. LOVE THIS STUFF.

Using gel glue, I glued the background to my mat board.

Added my buttons using Glastique as the adhesive.

Now the fun starts.

I simply started coloring with the different 3D Enamel Gels.

The shape holds the Gel so you don't have to wait before filling the next opening.

I really was quite relaxed and happy just coloring like this. 

Once the coloring was completed, I tucked this in the cabinet to dry, then added my quote.

There you have it - Ready to frame.


Angi MakingMayhem said...

Teresa, I love tribute pieces! The Bubble Backgrounds had me in a similar place when I first saw them, too. Love how this piece came together.

leslierahye strickland said...

Very fun! I recall doing that very craft. Great tribute!

Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow, love what you did with the Bubble Frame and 3D gels. Love the buttons too!!