Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's a GIRL

For the regular readers here, it is probably evident that my style runs towards the shabby, simple, but still unique. 

This package wrap fits all three of those words. 

And it is SO SIMPLE - with the exception of waiting for the 3D Gel to dry, I made three of these types of tags in 15 minutes. 

Let's get started. 

Shopping list. 
- Ivory Creative Inspirations Paint (I love this stuff)

- a gift tag blank (I make these collaged ones all the time with my bitty scraps and keep them on hand)
- all purpose glue (this is clear gel glue)
- small paint brush
- embellishments to fill out the tag (I used a couple of pink buttons from the stash)
- pink yarn or floss.

Now lets get started. 

I used the Ivory Paint as a base coat for the entire piece.I even left the whole thing as one piece. 

Separate the center and the outer part.  The next step is really the only "pay attention" step.

SHAKE the Coral Pearl 3D gel really well. You can see that the lighter shimmer separates in the bottle - simply shake well to mix this back up (much like nail polish).

Coat the outer part of the charm set with the Coral Pearl Enamel Gel. (Do not get the 3D Gel down into the opening. You will understand why in a couple of steps. )

Paint the center girl medallion with layers of the IVORY Creative Inspirations paint until she is a gorgeous sparkly splendor as well.

Let them dry overnight.

The great thing about using the two different coloring methods is that there is a lot of dimension to the finished tag.

Reassemble the two pieces.

I love the marbled effect the gel has.

Add to your tag base and glue both pieces onto the tag.

Add your embellishments to the rest of the tag.

Add your ribbon and tie to a sweet baby girl gift.

A quick and simple package tie on.

I am so happy you stopped by to see how quick, simple, and inexpensive it can be to make a customized gift wrap addition.

Have a wonderful day.



Sandy Fredrick said...

What a wonderful tag, I love the two different mediums you used with the shimmer and pearl effects.

Tracy said...

Beautiful, just love the shimmer on the gels x