Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adding texture

Morning everyone, Tracy here. 
I wanted to show you today a pendant I have made that is slightly different...
I have used Royal Sterling Embossing Enamel and given 4 thick layers into a Teardrop bezel. Whilst it looked beautiful without me doing anything else i wanted to add some more texture, so whilst the immediately after heating the powder on the last coat I used a script rubber stamp...**PLEASE NOTE** do NOT use any other stamp other than rubber otherwise you risk damaging your stamp...Leave the stamp until the enamel has cooled and then slowly remove....and you then have some beautiful texture. 

 You can just see a hint of blue here, that is because i used some 3D enamel gel in Turquoise  and "buffed" over the surface with it, because the surface was so textured you find the gel sticks in certain is a lovely effect. I also rubbed some gilding wax in some areas and then finished off with a nice thick layer of Glastique Finishing Glaze  

 This picture shows all the different colours, texture and glaze perfectly. This technique can be used with so many different stamps....and it fun too :) 
Happy crafting 

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Beautiful pendent, love the texture and the added glaze of gel.