Monday, April 28, 2014

Organizing Embossing Enamel Powders

Happy Monday, Folks!

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to Embossing Enamels that what you see in the jar may not be what shows up on your project after you add heat?

This week I have an organization idea for all of your Globecraft & Piccolo Embossing Enamel Powders!

This picture shows what the Ruby Red Embossing Enamel Powder looks like in the jar, on the table and after heat has been applied.

The melted powder looks very gold here due to the glare from the light. See the sample below.
Whoa! (Keep in mind the colors you see here may vary from what is in the jar due to differences in monitors.)

Apparently, I must really like the gold toned powders!
Sometimes after I have melted a powder, I don't remember which one I used, so to prevent that from happening (again!) I started making a sample of each of my melted powders and adhering them to the jar lids. A 1" circle punch is a perfect fit!

Now that I've made the samples, I can organize the powders by tones, colors, those without glitter...whatever suits my needs!

Quite often it's the little things that help us get by. In this case, taking the time to sample my Embossing Enamel Powder colors saves me time and prevents me from using the wrong color (and helps me to see that I need a few new colors to round out my supplies!)

Next in my quest for studio [re]organization is to make samples of the Embossing Enamel Powders on dark cardstock...

How do you organize your Embossing Enamel Powders?

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for more Globecraft & Piccolo inspiration!


Tracy said...

Fantastic idea, I have made a chart that I use for mine, but prefer this idea x

Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome idea, love that you put the colors on the lids