Monday, July 9, 2012

Enameled Charms

Hello, Allie here to share a little technique. It's kind of fun, and pretty easy, and there are NO mistakes - you just end up with a fun, distressed, enameled charm.

I started with Piccolo Chipboard Pieces and Piccolo Powders, and I also used Glasstique and Embossing Adhesive. These products are all extremely easy to use!

I decoupaged a pretty napkin to the charm. I used only the top layer.

I adhered napkin to chipboard charm using glue stick.
I sanded away the excess with Basic Grey sanding tools.
Afterwards, I dabbed on Embossing Adhesive around edges, heat to set.
Then, I applied some Glasstique.
Once I had a layer of Glasstique on, I pressed the chipboard piece, glaze side down, on my craft sheet (Ranger).
While it was upside down, I gently cleaned any overflow, or clogged openings.

I turned the charm back over and heat set the Glasstique with my embossing tool, until glaze begins to brown or bubble. (NOTE - do this step in a well ventilated area - there can be some odor from melting the adhesive).
I added a little more Piccolo powder and heat set afterwards, for a little more dimension and sparkle.

For a finishing touch, I went over any exposed chipboard with a Copic Marker. Please note that Copics and powders are not meant to be used together so I was just using it on the unembossed areas. 


Piccolo Chipboard Pieces
Piccolo Powders
Embossing Adhesive
Glue Stick (Glue Arts)


Heat Embossing Tool
Sanding Tools (Basic Grey)
Nonstick Craft Sheet
Copic Marker

Thanks for stopping by today. Have you tried anything fun with your powders? I'd love to hear about it.


Pinky Hobbs said...

Its adorable Allie

True :) said...

Love it! It is awesome that your embossing balanced out the bright colors of the napkin and turned it into a stunning piece of art! :)

True :D

Allie Gower said...

Thanks, Pinky!