Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the love show through

Globecraft Memories recently released a smaller size globe and frame system for ornaments. I am having so much fun with these! I have all sorts of ideas floating around in my head - just trying to find the time to play some more.

This is a little Christmas-themed ornament I created that was on display with an entire tree full of beautiful ornaments made by the design team at CHA recently. Everyone loved them!

To create this ornament:

Paint a fairly thick layer of Glastique (Globecraft Memories) on the inside of the back bubble and sprinkle with Art Glitter Dazzlers Confection D29; tap out access and let dry.

Cut out your favorite clip art (Crafty Secrets) and add bits of Art Glitters here and there for dimension and color.

Dry emboss the two outer chipboard rings with an embossing folder. Paint the inner ring and top sides of the two outer rings with Pearl Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber (Ranger) making sure to paint inner and outer edges as well; set aside and let dry.

When dry, paint on a fairly thick coat of Glastique, and very lightly sprinkle on Pure Sprinkle Silver Glitter (Globecraft Memories) to both halves. Then coat both halves with a thick coat of Glastique (straight from the bottle) and let dry overnight.

Begin to decorate inside the bubble by adding drops of Designer Dries Clear (DDC from Art Glitter) glue and press in pieces of moss; let dry. Trim the clip art down if necessary to fit inside the bubble. Add DDC glue to the back of the clip art and press lightly to adhere it to the moss. Trim a Christmas phrase (printed on the computer); add a very thin line of DDC to the edges of the phrase and dip into Winter White Microfine Transparent Art Glitter; repeat to coat bottom and both ends. I like to roll the phrase around the glue bottle once the glitter has dried, to create a slight bend; add DDC to both ends and press into place inside bubble (should be slightly curved).

The next day when the Glastique is cured: add a thin line of DDC to the flat rim of the filled bubble half; set the inner painted ring on top, making sure both pieces line up. Add a thin line of DDC to the top bubble rim and set atop the ring, making sure all pieces line up; clip with binder clips or clothespins for a few minutes till glue is set.

Remove the clips after a few minutes. Add DDC close to the inner and outer edges of the bottom of Glastiqued frame; add to one side and line up. Repeat to other side; clip all pieces together, making sure they all line up. Remove after a few minutes.

Pierce a hole in the bottom of frame, add jump rings and charm or crystal and add a beaded hangar to the top and tie with pretty ribbon.

The possibilities for decking out these little globe ornaments are endless - have fun!