Thursday, July 19, 2012

Somedays You Need Courage

Good morning Globecraft friends, 

Pinky here today with a fun little project. 
I am SURE we all know someone who needs "courage" 
I know some days I need a little lift, so why not make a sweet
pin to remind your friends that you have their back?!

I have a full tutorial for making this pin step by step.
Step 1. Using craft adhesive, and Keys To My Heart embellishments
 coat heart thoroughly, using a pin removes excess glue from intricate cuts.
 Step 2. Apply foil as directed on photo. Clearsnap designer foils were used here. 
 There will be a little bit missed and that is what we are looking for. 
 Step 3. Using black ink tap onto heart gently. Not completely coating
just adding tarnish. 
 Step 4. Using liquid pearl pen in bronze color, carefully dab
tiny pearls around edges of heart. 
 Step 5. Set aside to dry for 30-45 minutes. 
Step 6. Lay down wax paper-coat generously with Glastique.
Or apply several thin coats. 
Step 7. Set aside for 4-6 hours to dry completely until clear.
 Step 8. Trim acrylic piece down to 2X2"- Clear Scraps acrylic sheet used here. 
 Step 9. Remove protective film on both sides, drip with alcohol inks. 
 Step 10. After alcohol inks dry, using StazOn ink, stamp word
courage onto bottom of acrylic,  stamp 3-4 times 
because of the alcohol ink. (Pink By Design stamp shown here).
Step 11. Turn acrylic piece over-using StazOn ink dab onto edges
and onto acrylic itself. It adds age. 
 Step 12. Flip piece over to front. Adhere heart to acrylic. 
 Step 13. Coat entire project with Glastique- set aside for 24 hours to dry. 
Careful in crevices, do not fill completely. 
Step 14. Using metal pin coat with same alcohol ink. 
 Step 15. Adhere pin to back of acrylic behind heart. 
I hope you are inspired to play with these amazing Piccolo pieces. 
Have a wonderfully crafty day~

Products Used:
Clearsnap Designer Foils
Pink By Design Stamps
Beacon Zip Dry Adhesive
Viva Decor Pearl Pen
Clear Scraps 12X12 acrylic sheet

2 comments: said...

Great tutorial and the pin is gorgeous!

linda said...

Great tutorial and the pin is gorgeous!