Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nativity Ornament

Globecraft Memories has some amazing ornaments available on our website now!  They are a perfect addition to their other line of globe products.  A bubble is attached to both sides of the frame so you have a wonderful 3 dimentional ornament.

The ornament layers were covered with 3 layers of Enchanted Aubergine, heat setting between each layer.  The nativity was covered with 2 layers of Mermaid Tears and then I placed several layers of Glastique on top.

I used Vintage Holiday Flourishes Card Decor for the tiny elements along the bottom of the globe.  These Flourishes truly dress up the ornament.  I added Mermaid Tears and then Gilded Rose powders to the Flourishes. A layer of Glastique was placed on top for a little more dimension.

An elegant ribbon was added to the top.  And you are now ready to hang in the tree.
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Clare D. said...

Oh, this is beautiful! I'm gonna have to find time to pull out my globcraft and glitter!

Mistylynn said...

That ornament is gorgeous.

Camille Short said...

Gorgeous. I love the combinations of enamel powders.

linda said...

I like those little Piccolo pieces on the frame! Really cute!