Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Fond Farewell...

Hi everyone. I want to start off by saying thanks to all the amazing group of ladies I had the pleasure of working with here at Globecraft & Piccolo. I will be moving on to new ventures and crafty fun, but rest assured the returning and new ladies coming up are FANTABULOUS. I can't wait to see all the new projects they will be sharing with all of us.

Monica Edwards
Simply Monica
For my post today I created this Fancy Hanging Header from G&P. I thought the sentiment went well for the occasion today. Love Starts with a Smile, Grows with a Kiss and Ends with a Tear! These tears are tears of the joy for sure.

I outlined the back piece with this flower trim to give it a ruffled look as I layered the additional pieces.

This is a look at the piece .


This piece here I actually added on to the end - it is the ending to the sentiment.

Here is the entire finished piece.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my projects here with Globecraft and always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!



Candy Spiegel said...

Beautiful! I love the foil in the papers.

Heather said...

Monica~ This is gorgeous!!