Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One product, so many uses

I wanted to share a tip about one of our products that I get a lot of use from — Glastique.

This clear-dry liquid glue comes in one ounce or four ounce bottles. It is also available in a matte or glossy finish.

In addition to performing its job as a liquid adhesive, it also makes a great collage medium and finisher/sealer. It can be easily applied with your finger or a brush. I've used it as both the collage medium and sealer on this canvas.

Here, I've used it as an adhesive to connect the rings on the DIY Ornaments that I assemble so frequently.

If it is added in a thick coat straight from the bottle, it adds a nice bit of dimension and protection to your article like this little pumpkin.

Remember when using liquid adhesive - a little goes a long way. Too much glue and it doesn't have a chance to set up and connect. Less is more. I like to squeeze out a thin line of glue and pinch my pieces together for a few seconds to ensure good contact between the pieces. For larger objects, like the DIY Ornaments, I recommend using clip clothespins or binder clips to hold tight while the glue is setting.

I really appreciate that I can get so many uses from one product. And, it cleans up easily and quickly with water. No special cleaner required.

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Sandy said...

Glastique retains some elasticity when it is dry, allowing objects to bend a bit without cracking. It's useful on things like flower petals and leaves.