Monday, May 13, 2013

Button it Up

Hi! Candy here with another quick little tip for you.

Globecraft & Piccolo Enamel Powders can be used to color and cover just about anything, including plastic buttons!

I took some clear, plastic buttons and dabbed a bit of Piccolo Enamel Powder Adhesive onto the tops. Then, I covered them with Vintage Silver Embossing Powder and heated them. Once cool, I repeated the process on the side of the button.

I love how much depth was added by the powder ... just remember to keep the holes clear. If they fill with powder and are heated, they will be sealed completely over, which is also a cool technique, but you cannot get thread through them.


Heather said...

What a fabulous idea Candi!! Sometimes I see buttons I like..but not the husband will thank you when he sees me come home with a bag of buttons...(as if I don't have enough already.but now I can get the ugly color but nice shape ones). Thanks for sharing!!
Heather said...

Genius! Love the way you think candy!