Thursday, May 9, 2013

The magic of Piccolo Embossing Powder

It is Arin here and do I have a fun and easy project for you all by simply pulling together some amazing Globecraft & Piccolo products to make a stunning faux metal keychain! This would make an excellent small personal gift that can dress up any set of keys. 

Materials Needed:
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Vintage Copper Embossing Powder
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Real Rust Embossing Powder
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Turquoise Lagoon Powder
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Glastique Finishing Glaze Gloss
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Soft Grip Tweezers
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Beautiful Horse Charm Set 
  • Globecraft & Piccolo - Bookboard Rectangle Tag
  • Hemptique - Hemp Cord
  • Stretch Magic - Beading Cord
  • Bead Gallery Beads
  • Bead Landing - 7mm Jump Rings
  • Q-Tip

Step 1: Embossing Bookboard Pieces - For the rectangle bookboard tag, apply Piccolo Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive and begin to layer Piccolo Turquoise Lagoon and Vintage Copper Embossing Powder by heat setting and cooling in between each layer to create a patina effect. This was only done with two layers starting with the Turquoise Lagoon Embossing Powder. Repeat on opposite side. 
Apply Piccolo Enamel/Embossing Powder to the small bookboard charms and dust with Piccolo Real Rust Embossing Powder, set with heat, allow to cool and repeat on opposite side. 
Step 2: Punching sentiment with metal punches - Using a 1/8 inch capital letter metal punch, punch letters into embossed tag using the tap hammer. 
Step 3: Adding charm and sealing - Once letters are punched, apply a light layer of Glastique Finishing Glaze Gloss using a Q-Tip to the full surface of the tag.  Add charm to the tag and then add additional Glastique to the charm to set and seal.  Allow to dry and add a light layer of Glastique Finishing Glaze on opposite side.
Step 4: Assembling key chain - Run clear beading cord through bookboard charm and tag and tie a secure knot at the top leaving a 5 inch tail for stringing beads and attaching the key ring. Trim off excess beading cord from tied knot. Run a piece of hemp cord through the tag and charm and tie into a bow and trim. Sting desired beads in a 3 inch desired pattern and knot at the end.  Using a jump ring secure and knot tightly the clear beading cord.  Finally run the jump ring through key ring and trim off excess beading cord.
Once again, Globecraft & Piccolo's products deliver a powerful punch when it comes to making projects using their amazing embossing powders. I almost felt like I was a magician using these products! To the naked eye it looks as if all the bookboard pieces are made out of metal and even responded to the metal punches as if they were metal!  Be sure to pop over to my blog and see what I have cooking with more Globecraft & Piccolo Embossing Powders! 

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Holly said...

Wow.. this is a great tutorial Arin did! I love the turquoise color and the rust embossing powder rocks!! Holly :-)