Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keys to my heart

This is the key to my heart!

Supplies needed:
three jump rings
round needle nose pliers

 This beautiful charm and earring set is so easy to make and when combined with the 3D enamel gels and pure sparkle glitter,gives a gorgeous dimensional and sparkly set!

Step1.  Cover the two small hearts and portions of the large heart with
Napthol Red 3D Enamel Gel.

Step 2.Cover the keys and the rest of the large heart with 
Metallic Gold 3D Enamel Gel.

Step 3. While the 3D gel is still wet, sprinkle on some 
Pure Sparkle Gold Glitter.

Step 4. Set aside and allow to dry

Step 5.Repeat this process on the other side of each piece of the Key to My Heart Charm Set

Step 6. Add the keys and small hearts onto two of the jump rings, then onto the  
Step 7. Add the third jumpring to the necklace charm, then place it onto the  

Just look how gorgeous that is!


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