Thursday, July 25, 2013

An artsy wall hanging

It's so much fun to get crafty when you make items to hang on your wall, don't you think?
Hi, I'm Diana and I'm going to show you how I created a beautiful set of wall hangings!

You'll need some Aleen's Glue, Craft frames, and vintage text pages, to start.

Glue the textbook page onto the back of the frame.

Take two more sheets of textbook paper, and rub a couple of colors of oil pastels onto the page. In layering colors, you'll see how they naturally blend together. Nice, right? Now, spray it with workable fixative, and let it dry.

You can certainly use your own art, but being pressed for time, I opted for a rubber stamp. Use a nice dark color. Let it dry, then cut out the stamped image.

Now you can glue the stamped image onto the middle of your frame. At this point, think of what you want to go around the image. I decided on seed beads and gold sparkle glitter by Globecraft & Piccolo.

Also, I used a little heart shaped bead that I sculpted.
After glueing the beads, I went and used UV Resin, to ensure that they don't go anywhere.

Now, get a sturdy piece of cardstock, and some yarn for hanging, and glue it, sandwiching the yarn in between the cardstock and the frame, and let dry.

You can also use some Glastique finishing glaze around the rest of the piece.
And that's that! Once it's dry, you've got something that looks like this:

You can do a lot with something like this! Even use pictures of your kiddos, if you want.
Happy Crafting! Visit my blog for more ideas: Diana Gonzalez

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