Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crafting a Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Angelic Powers rune pendant

Hello, it is Laura. Today, I am presenting a very unique pendant to you. The character depicts a special marking from a movie "City of Bones," which comes out in August. I have read the book and am really excited for the movie. This tutorial is going to show you how to make a pendant using whatever image excites you!

Laura Drahozal
Remembering Life's Moments
Globecraft Assorted Acrylic Tag Bezels
Globecraft Fine Line Applicator Tip
Globecraft 3D Enamel Gel in Mars Black
Globecraft 3D Enamel Gel in Metallic Silver
Globecraft 3D Enamel Gel in Ultramarine Blue
Globecraft 3D Enamel Gel in Blue Green
Globecraft 3D Enamel Gel in Deep Blue Sky
Globecraft 3D Enamel Gel in Satin Blue Pearl
Piccolo Instant UV Resin
Globecraft Black Satin Like Necklace
Globecraft Silver Bail
Image you would like to make pendant from
Fine Tipped Sharpie Marker
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque in 507 Black Wing
Stencil Brush
Rubber Stamp (I used one from Stampendous)
Paint Brush
Q Tip or Wooden Skewer
Ranger Memory Foil Tape
Craft Knife
Something to remove sticky stuff (I use the Quickutz or Silhouette Pick Up Stick)
UV Manicurist Light or Direct Sunlight

1) Use the plastic from around the Acrylic Tag Bezels to determine which shape to use and how to center it.

2) Replace the shape, remove the upper layer of blue protective film, and trace image with Sharpie.

3) Using the fine line applicator tip, fill in the image with Mars Black 3D Enamel Gel. Let dry.

As you can see from the picture below, my image is not perfectly traced and the gels are transparent.

4) Remove the protective blue film from the other side and flip plastic over. Fill the image the same way that you did the other side. Do not let it dry yet.

5) While the gel is still wet, pour the opaque black glitter over it. Let dry completely.

6) Use the stencil brush to brush off all of the excess glitter. The glitter side will always be referred to as the top of the image from now on.

7) Brush the silver Enamel Gel onto the stamp.

8) Press the back of the pendant (glitter free) onto the stamp. You are not looking for a perfect image here, just a little texture. Let dry completely.

9) Squeeze the various blue colored Enamel Gels directly over the dried silver portion. You will be creating blobs of color. You do not need to fill the back entirely, but you should get close.

10) Use the end of a Q Tip (remove the cotton first) or a wooden skewer to swirl the colors across the back. Let dry completely.

11) Wrap the Memory Foil around the exterior of the shape. Try to center the edge of the shape, and be sure to overlap the foil just a little.

12) Press down with your fingers and then use a hard object to burnish it flat. I used the cap for my Cutterbee Scissors.

13) If you have uneven or too much foil on your project, you can use a craft knife to trim it off.

14) Be sure to remove any sticky bits with whatever tool you prefer. I am using a Pick Up Stick here.

15) Squeeze the Piccolo Instant UV Resin directly onto the project. I use the tip to move it around a little and fill in any missing spaces. You will need at least one coat on the front and the back. You need to cure it under a UV light or in sunlight for 3 minutes between each coat. I used three coats on each side.

16) Cure the resin.

17) Add the bail and necklace and you are finished!

My project glows a little when held up to the light because of the transparency of the gels.

This is what the back looks like. The glitter you see here is proof positive that I have too much glitter on my work space! That is okay, I like to sparkle!

This is what it looks like finished.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I have given you some inspiration to make jewelry of something that you are excited about! Stop by my blog anytime at


linda said...

Very nice. I wasn't aware of this movie so your post inspired me to look it up! Thanks. Really like the colors used and the attention to detail is awesome!

Mae Lewis said...

This is incredible! I would LOVE to wear this!!!!