Monday, July 1, 2013

Colorful hummingbirds mark the page

How do you make a bookmark hum? You cover it with hummingbird stickers!

Hi, it's Candy and I'm back to share another project with you. This time I decided to create an elegant bookmark.

Candy Spiegel
Candy Scraps

I started with a simple bookboard oval bezel from Globecraft & Piccolo. Since I planned to coat this bezel with 3D Enamel Gels, which can be a bit transparent, I coated the entire bezel, including the edges, with gesso.

On the front side, I piled the gesso up a bit to create some texture.

Once that was completely dry, I added the 3D Enamel Gels.

I used Leafy Green, Blue Pearl and Cobalt Turquoise. I put them on my non-stick craft sheet and then used a paint brush to mix and apply them.

I used a heat gun to dry the gels until they were tacky to the touch and then coated them with a layer of Instant UV Resin.

When the resin is applied before the gels are entirely dry, it moves them around a bit and creates a beautiful marbled look while curing. I stuck it under the UV Lamp for 3 minutes to cure. (Normally, when layering resin, you only need to cure for 1 minute between layers and 3 minutes at the end. However, since I was using stickers, which block the UV light, I cured it for the full 3 minutes the first time.)

Next, I applied the stickers from Paper House and then another layer of resin, followed by another 3 minutes under the UV Lamp.

On the backside, I used Glossy Glastique to apply Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter to the edges. Once dry, I brushed off the excess glitter and applied a final coat of resin, followed by a final 3 minutes in the UV Lamp.

On the front side, I applied a final layer of resin and then sprinkled just a touch of Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter to the piece. Then I put it under the UV Lamp for a final 3 minutes.

Finally, I added a long ribbon from my stash to mark the pages in the book.

I love the movement of the color. It is so pretty!


linda said...

What a sweet bookmark! Love the hummer!

Denise Tretheway said...

OOH and AHH... beautiful,Candy. I am truly amazed with how much you know about products (what they are, where to find them, and how to use them). This will make someone a great gift.