Sunday, July 21, 2013

A UV Resin tip

Hello, it's Laura and recently, I sent a project to Pat, the owner of Globecraft & Piccolo. I was pretty happy with it.

Then, I got a call from Pat. There was a bow in the project. You can see it here, because I have used the arrow to point out the raised section.

Here is another view:

Anyway, Pat knew immediately what was wrong! I had not applied the UV Resin evenly on both sides. I had only one coat on the back, and two on the front. That caused the resin on the front to pull everything forward? The fix? I can put another layer of resin on the back of the project.

Laura Drahozal
Remembering Life's Moments
So, my tip of the day: ALWAYS coat the resin evenly. Put a layer on one side and then the other until you have as many as you like, but make SURE that you have the same number of coats on both sides.

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