Friday, July 19, 2013

Tick-Tock pretty and dainty clock

It is Arin here and I have a timely project for you where I pulled out all the stops while using Globecraft and Piccolo's 3-D Enamel Gel and Piccolo Instant UV Resin. Nothing adds to a room than an personal themed clock and this clock just oozes the sweet daintiness of a little girl's love for horses. 

Arin Flynn
A Piece of Life's Pie

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Clock Base - First trace clock base onto the backside of desired designer paper and cut. Using Glastique Matte, apply to both the base and the backside of paper with a foam brush. Align, apply pressure to set and allow to dry. Once dry, ink edges and sand down to distress.  Punch hole through the middle.

Step 2: Apply 3-D Enamel Gel to Embellishments - Using Piccolo 3-D Gel Enamels, apply to wooden and Globlecraft and Piccolo embellishments.  When applying more than one color of 3-D Enamel Gels, allow each color to set and dry before applying a new color for best results. Once all complete, set aside to set and dry.

Step 3: Applying Instant UV Resin to Handcrafted Embellishments - Using a 1 inch circle punch, punch out a circle and add boarder (this boarder is from Samantha Walker Giddy Up scrapbooking Element Sticker Kit).  Apply the Instant UV Resin under artificial light and THEN set in direct sunshine/UV lamp for about 30-90 seconds.  Add sticker and repeat the process of applying and setting the Instant UV Resin.

Stickers can easily be made into a durable and attractive embellishment by securing to a piece of parchment paper and adding Piccolo Instant UV Resin in artificial light and THEN setting in direct sunlight for 30-90 seconds.  Once set and dry, they easily pop off the parchment paper ready to be added to the project. 

Step 4: - Using a Bezel Charm as a Base: - In the need of a solid base for the ribbon embellishment, use the Globecraft and Piccolo Circle Bezel Charm. Add the self adhesive ribbon sticker to the bezel and then tie double bows with crinkle ribbon to the top ring of the bezel.  Apply hot glue to the wooden doily and secure bezel to it.

Step 5: Final Assembly of Clock - With a hot glue gun set at low, add the cloth doily to the center of the clock.  Then begin to attach the wooden doilies with the first layer being secured with hot glue, then the second doily added by securing with Pop Dots for added height.  Then secure the ribbon layered doily with Pop Dots. Add the pre-made resin flower stickers and peal gems. Secure the clock motor and hands and hang!

Making creative and special crafts can be very easy with a little added help of all the stunning and vibrant colors of Globecraft and Piccolo's 3-D Enamel Gels and having Piccolo's Instant UV Resin at your finger tips.  Both products are easy and practical to work with and the possibilities of what you can do with them are endless. Head over to their online store and check out all colors and creative possibilities!  To see more of what I have been cooking up with Globecraft and Piccolo products, pop over to my blog!


linda said...

Great tutorial. Love the color of Gels used. Loads of detail here!

christi said...

this is way cool. my granddaughter is a horse lover and this would be perfect for her. i may have to have a go at it. great job and easy to follow tute. thanks.

Karon said...

WOW - this is fabulous! Beautiful for a girls room! TFS