Friday, May 23, 2014

Butterfly Art

Hello my lovelies! Aimee here, posting a little late! Today I have a fun little altered art piece to share using our Large Butterflies Piccolos.

You'll need the one butterfly, Micro White Enamel Powder, Adhesive Fluid, and other goodies.

Coat a large butterfly with adhesive fluid and micro white powder and heat it up. Don't worry if it's not perfect (actually the paints look better if this isn't perfect.)

Now start adding color. I used Silks in three colors but you could use all kinds of things- Alcohol inks, Copic or similar markers, etcetera... One color at a time, allowing to dry in between. 

I used a piece of corrugated cardboard for the base. Slapped some Silks on it and also some of my Enamel Powder mix ( dump all of my Enamel Powder left overs into a container). Add embellishments that you like, back the butterfly with card stock and add it to the piece. There ya go! You can put this on a little easel, or if you'd rather hang it, purchased our little stick on hangers (they are inexpensive and awesome!). 


rudlis said...

Beautiful project!

Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow love what you did with the butterfly. Wonderful bright colors.