Thursday, May 29, 2014

i can empowering wearable message

Good morning friends. Today's fun project is so easy, I almost hesitate to call this a tutorial. I do a LOT of spoon collage pendants - ornaments - charms. The Piccolos from Globecraft are PERFECT for my application. I've stocked up on several to use on some new ones I'm making. Here is the process for completing these.

Shopping list 

3d Enamel Gel in your favorite color combo (I used titanium white, honey mustard, and orange to make these lantana looking flowers. 

Stacey's Stacking Flowers  (i used the tiny ones)

gloss Glastique

spoon or pendant blank

Now here we go.

First color your Flowers with the 3D gel -- and let that dry.

Decide your layout for you collage. Add a dot of Glastique to secure the piccolo in place. Let this dry.

Clip your word or phrase and adhere that using more of the Glastique. Again let it dry

Now - add a layer of the Glastique in and around all of you elements.

The glastique is milky white out of the bottle, but dries to a clear finish.

Once this is dry, add your jewelry findings and a chain --- ready to wear.

Aside  from drying times, this project took me about 10 minutes to complete.

You can add buttons - bits of lace - all kinds of things using this method.

Have a wonderful weekend.


grandmad1ana said...

I was hoping you would have some spoon blanks. I don't have the tools to cut the spoons myself, but I really like the idea. I tried to find some on your web site but could not. Any idea where I could purchase a few?

Sandy Fredrick said...

Love the spoon, what unique idea for a pendent.