Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun Finishes with 3D Enamel Gels

Hello everyone! Sandy is busy getting ready for the Great Lakes Mega Meet show in Novi, MI this week (May 8-10) so I'm here to share some nifty finishes you can create using Piccolo 3D Enamel Gels.

Below is a photo of one of my favorite necklaces. I LOVE the glazed copper look on this and it actually happened by accident...I was doing a demo and had a bezel that I had covered in Burnt Umber 3D Enamel Gel {it's always best to do two coats, and I like to do them on the thin side to speed drying time} and I was getting ready to put the second layer on...well, I didn't realize that I had picked up Metallic Copper instead of Burnt Umber until I squeezed the bottle! Well, I went ahead and spread that out on the surface {my favorite tool to use for this is my fingers...I like to really get *into* my work hehe!} figuring that I could always do a third layer of Burnt Umber on top of the "mistake", but as it started to dry, I got the idea for the glazed copper on black! See, that's what happens when you're having fun being crafty and try new things {even if it was by accident} LOL! :)
To create this piece I first chose B106 Fancy Rectangle Bezels with 2 Loops and pounced over the surface with Black 3D Stamp Paint. I use a sponge or jumbo dauber for this process, instead of my fingers. I do two light coats {dries more quickly between coats this way} by dabbing the paint over the bezel.

This paint is called 3D Stamp Paint for a reason, if you pounce the paint on instead of spreading it thinly, you will see some TEXTURE!

Once the black paint is dry, squeeze on a small amount of Metallic Copper 3D Enamel Gel and smooth it out with your finger.

As the focal point of this necklace, I used LA105 Large Floral Daisy Piccolo accent that I colored with marker. I used Marvy LePlume permanent which are alcohol based (similar to Copic), but you can use water based markers too. Another favorite of mine to color Piccolos: Smooch Inks {these are FAB and the tip is actually a tiny foam applicator, not a brush}.
Don't forget to coat the Daisy accent with Glossy Gastique Finishing Glaze, it will make the marker coloring "pop" and creates a pretty shiny finish.

Adhere to the bezel and coat the entire piece with Glastique also. I added clear rhinestones to the flower centers {which I colored with my LePlume Permanent markers}. Decorate the other side {the fun thing is it can be a totally different design!}, add a chain {and perhaps a Piccolo Charm to hang from the bottom} and Viola!
Next up is a tie dye effect. There are two different ways to do this. First, make sure you have a non-stick surface to work on {like a craft sheet}.

Choose a bezel and apply several different colors of 3D Enamel Gels in lines {diagonal or straight}. Put it on pretty thick. Use a toothpick or needle tool to add swirls by pulling colors through one another. Be sure to only pull in one direction. Repeat until you are happy with the results.

From left: Purple Mist, Avocado, Berry Red, Honey Mustard & Turquoise
The second way to achieve a tie dye effect is to put the 3D Enamel Gels directly onto your non-stick craft sheet. Again, put these on pretty can use dots or lines.
3D Enamel Gels used: Rose Pearl, Avocado, Satin Blue Pearl & Daffodil Pearl
Then just drop your Piccolo into the gels. You can give it a little push if you want, but don't make it go under the surface of the gels. If you have any blank spots, use a toothpick or needle tool to pick up some gel to set in that area. Don't mix or rub the Piccolo around the gels, that will cause the colors to mix.

Pretty cool huh? I hope you'll try one of these techniques with the 3D Enamel is a lot of fun!

If you're attending Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi, MI this week (Thurs., May 8 - Sat., May 10) please stop by Booth #222 to see all the awesome Globecraft & Piccolo items. There will be plenty of samples from the Design Team that you are welcome to take photos of. And there are some great show specials too!

Happy crafting,

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome designs, love that pendent (just my colors). Wonderful tips for using the 3D gels .