Thursday, May 1, 2014

For an OffBeat Bride - components week 2

 Good morning - Teresa back here with the second week of components for an offbeat bridal bouquet.

To see the first components take off over here.

Last week had a floral theme.

This week seems to be a "FLY" theme.

I've made assorted birds and butterflies for us.

Let's shop
- Ultramarine 3d Gel
- Enamel Adhesive 
- Enamel Powders 
 (note - link goes to main page - you can customize these as you like - I used RUBY RED SLIPPERS, BAHAMA AQUA, DEEP BLUE SKY, VINTAGE BLACk and VINTAGE silver. )
- large butterfly accent
- swirly birds charms
- Glastique Matte
- fine line tip  

Assorted other items - noted in the tutorial ---

I punched all my shapes out and then decided I wanted a deep glossy red for one of my birds. I used nail Polish in my favorite deep red --- took 4 coats to get the look I wanted.

See that shape --- well - it's the part meant for discarding - I'm a mixed media artist - I toss nothing without really thinking about it.

And in this case I decided to use it.

That top little birdie is the red one with the more solid shape embossed in the RUBY RED SLIPPERS - I also cut the charm ring off of these.

The bottom birdie is the Ultramarine Gel - with the swirly shape embossed in BAHAMA AQUA.

Now the butterflies.

I made three slightly different variations.

The top one was embossed in DEEP BLUE SKY. After I finished that, I used the Matte Glastique to adhere tiny clay heart accents. The accents are designed for nails and I got them at a local salon.

The bottom one I simply embossed in VINTAGE BLACK - I love this color - silver, rust, coppery, gold. Fun


I am not mounting this against a surface, but I wanted to glitter some of the holes - what to do?

I glued the shape to some tissue paper - thin enough for the next step, and will hold my Glastique in place.

I tore away the tissue and then used an emery board to even it all up around these edges.
I left all the holes covered - since I used white, its a very subtle difference.

Fill in the areas I wanted to glitter - I used the MATTE GLASTIQUE and my FINE LINE TIP to do this. Keep the GLASTIQUE off the areas you do not want glitter. 

Sprinkle liberally with the glitter and then the most difficult part ---- wait for this to dry fully. (overnight)

Once dry - shake it off and gasp about your pretty sparkly butterfly.

This is all coming along nicely.

Next week a few more flowers and then we will assemble it all.

Please visit everyday - there are new designs posted and these ladies are very talented.

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Awesome, love the colors on the birds and that wonderful sparkly butterfly.