Friday, July 5, 2013

Adding a touch of summer sunshine

Hi all, Arin here and I have a piece of wearable art that has a great vintage flair to it! With it being summer, I love to dress up my very plain and dull wardrobe with the bright colors of summer and adding a piece like this around my neck just begs for a sunny compliment while in line at the store. The best part of this piece is that is not difficult to make!

Arin Flynn
A Piece of Life's Pie
Materials Needed:
Step 1: Bezel Tag prep -Apply Piccolo 3-D Enamel Gel to the tag to the front and allow to dry (about 30 minutes) and then turn over repeat. 

Step 2: Apply 3-D Enamel Gel - Apply Piccolo Enamel Gel in a simple pattern, one color at a time. Set aside to set and dry.

Step 3: Cut out vintage circle shape - Using a 1 inch punch, pick a fun vintage design and punch out the image. 

Step 4: Apply Glastique Gloss - Apply Glastique to the back of the frame and secure to the yellow base to frame the cutout, framing the cutout that has been glued down using Glastique. Apply Glastique to entire surface front and back. Set aside to dry. 

Step 5: Apply UV Instant UV Resin - While inside, away from a window, apply UV Instant Resin to the inner cavity of the wearable art piece covering the cutout. Expose project to direct sunlight or UV light lamp for 90 seconds and allow to cure and harden. I cured this in direct sunshine and it cured within 60 seconds.


Step 6: Adding silver bail - Using the Piccolo silver bail, secure it to the top of the bezel tag, run a chain through it and wear! 

Making fun and fashionable wearable art is not as hard as you may think, and having Globecraft & Piccolo products to help get the job done is the perfect assistant! Head over to their online store and check it out! To see more of my project using this amazing product, head over to my blog,