Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Colorful Journal

Good morning - Teresa here. Today's project was so much fun. It's colorful --- and EASY. 

A journal - made from a plain old composition book. You know - those that have the marbled black and white covers. 

See - isn't that FUN.

Here's what you need.

- Enamel Adhesive
- Deep Blue Sky Enamel Powder
- Enchanted Aubergine Enamel Powder
- Gilded Rose Gold Enamel Powder 
- Mardi Gras Enamel Powder
Mossy Glen Enamel Powder
- Shamrock Dreams Enamel Powder 
- Peacock Accent Piccolo 
Glastique Matte Glaze 

Additional Materials
- Heat Gun
- Scrap paper for the scallops down the edge of the journal
- sheet of paper to cover journal front
- your favorite adhesives (i used YES paste to cover the journal front)
- small flat back pearl accents (these are from Sweet Stamps)
- detail paintbrush

The peacock cutout is beautifully detailed and I immediately knew I wanted a multicolored effect on it.

Here's how I approached that process -

I poured a bit of enamel adhesive into a bottle lid and using a detail paintbrush painted the area I wanted my first color on.

Pour the embossing powder in that area and heat to emboss.

Repeat process for the entire bird. In the picture above you can see that I am painting the middle area of the feather fan.

Above is a color detail shot as I was almost done with the process

Don't freak out -- it took about 15 minutes to do ALL of the embossing details for this entire project.

I used Mossy Glen on the bird body - Gilded Rose Gold for the comb and feet - then starting at the center area of the feather fan - Aubergine - Deep Blue Sky - Mardi Gras. The "eye" of the outer feathers was embossed in Shamrock Dreams.

 After I covered my composition book with the background paper, I wanted to pull the colors from the bird onto the cover. I cut half circles of scrapbook paper and embossed them using those same powders.  From left to right - Gilded Rose Gold, Mossy Glen, Enchanted Aubergine, Deep Blue Sky, Shamrock Dreams, Mardi Gras. I used  just plain glue stick to attach these to the binding area.

Then, using Glastique painted on the back of my bird, I glued the shape to the corner of my journal.

For a final accent - I added flat back pearls to every other eye on the peacock's outer feathers.

There you have it --- ready to record your memories, hopes and dreams, or gratitudes. Maybe even a new design idea or two.


Sandy Fredrick said...

What an awesome idea to cover those boring book covers. Love how you colored the peacock.

Sandy Hulsart said...

What a great way to decorate a blah journal! Love that peacock (first time I colored him, I made him a turkey, lol) Isn't it great how much control you can have with the embossing fluid?

Angi MakingMayhem said...

Great idea to use the circles with the matching powders to the peacock! (Love the detail pictures of 'painting' the peacock feathers!)