Friday, March 7, 2014

A lovely wedding gift.

Good Morning my friends. Teresa here again with a thoughtful and heartfelt gift idea. I have friends getting married and I made a very similar one of these for them. We will be sending all of our posted samples with Stacey, so while I was making the real gift, I made two. 

Let's go shopping.

- Mini Key Charms 
- frame from the Flourishes that I made the earrings from.
- medium heart from the Key To My Heart set
- Mermaid Tears Enamel
- Ruby Red Slippers Enamel
- Victorian Bronze Enamel 
- Vintage Black Enamel 
- Enamel Adhesive
- Matte Glastique

Additional Materials
- frame - no glass - and I used the cardboard spacer as my backer.
- a neutral solid matte board - mine is covered in muslin.
- vintage buttons
- assorted pearls
- a heavy duty glue (I used max tack by Aleene)
- vintage paper for backing
- old bottle
- string.

My cardboard backing was going to show and I was using a silver toned frame. So I need to fill that space. I marked the area that was going to show and embossed it with the Mermaid Tears Powder.

Look at that colored area in the picture below --- I am so in love with the Mermaid Tears colors - such a versatile coloration.

I wanted a vintage look to the entire piece - so I used the Victorian Bronze on the frame piece and the heat flash technique .

I love the way the frame turned out ----

I then found traditional Christian marriage vows in a vintage worship book and cut then to reflect some of the words and to fit the frame.

I glued this in place with Glastique. (The glastique does NOT wrinkle the paper at all and I do a LOT of paper craft so I use it often as a glue.)

Then I glued it off set to the top and center of my mat board using the Max Tack glue.

 Now for the little bottle -

I embossed the tiny key charm with the vintage black enamel on both sides.  (I tried several until I found one that slipped inside the bottle)

Using a vintage Mother of Pearl shank button - I hung the key with a pearl (symbolizing God in the marriage). I adjusted the spacing on the key until it was suspended like I wanted in the bottle.

I also embossed the heart lock with the Ruby Red Slippers enamel - I glued it centered to the bottom of the mat board with two mother of pearl buttons as well. (my friends will be using theirs as a ring "pillow" and these buttons stick out far enough to hold the rings.)

Now to assemble the bottle -

I added more pearls to the bottle - two large ones for the couple and five smaller ones for their combined children.

Drop the hanging key in the bottle and glue the button to the top securely.

I attached the bottle by tying it off to the mat board at the top and resting it on the frame and gluing it at the bottom with the Max Tack.

I am thrilled with how this finished.

This would also be a great way to display a lock of a baby's hair. 

Or sand from a breach vacation. 

How about a fluffy white feather?

My sister has a bottle with her shell casing from her law enforcement post certification. 

Lots of things you could use this for. 

Have a wonderful Thursday. 


Sandy Fredrick said...

What a wonderful gift. Love the suspended key and the Family Pearls in the bottle

Debbie's Time Out said...

Wow. This is a very unique idea. I like your ideas for other things to use it for too. Just beautiful

leslierahye strickland said...

Love this! Great project!

Angi MakingMayhem said...

I love upcycled bottles with dangling bits. The pearls & their meaning are so sweet! What a wonderful gift!

Debbie said...

Beautiful my crafty friend!