Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Vintage Love

Howdy folks!
Aimee here with a sweet little project to share with you.

Today we will play with the awesome French Oval Classic Bubble frame kit
along with Vintage Dress Form embellishments, flowers, inks, and enamel powders.

Want to make it?

What you'll need:
Enamel powder Adhesive
Enamel Gels: Rose Pearl & Gold
Adirodack inks- Butterscotch, Cranberry, and Ginger
Pink Gelato
Paint brush, water, stipple brushes or sponges, heat tool, tooth picks, clamps/clothespins, heavy book, word sticker, scrap of black wire, Ranger's Sticky back canvas (or some good card stock and adhesive)
1. Use the oval ad trace the sticky back canvas/paper. Cut out.
Adhere to the oval.

2. Use the stipple brushes or sponges and color the canvas.

3. Add a little pink Gelato and smoosh it around
 a bit with a damp paint brush. Set aside to dry.

4. Use the adhesive fluid and Aged White powder to coat the oval frame. 
I did two coats.

5. Use the adhesive fluid and Gilded Rose Gold powder to coat the lace frame.
I did two coats on it, too.

6. Use a tooth pick to add E600 glue to the back of the lace frame.
Adhere it to the oval frame and stick it under a heavy book for awhile
to make sure it's good and adhered.

7. Use the adhesive fluid and Vintage Black powder to coat the dress form.
I really love the way it looks!!!

8. Now begin assembling your piece.
Use a toothpick to put E600 glue onto the back of the dress form ad adhere it to the canvas oval.
I used E600 to glue everything down on this one.

9. Once the inside is done, place the clear bubble over it,
using E600 glue to adhere it. Clamp it down for awhile to be sure it's
really stuck on! Add the frame using the E600 glue and clamping it down as well.
Add some flowers and it's done.
Isn't it pretty?


leslierahye strickland said...

This is beautiful Aimee!! I love everything about it!

Angi MakingMayhem said...

Yes, so pretty, Aimee! It's like a mini vignette.

Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow this is gorgeous. I love how the dress form looks in the frame. Awesome colors for the paints and enamel powers. Love the vintage look of the piece.