Saturday, March 15, 2014

Colorful Butterfly ATC

I am in love with Globecraft & Piccolo’s Embossing Enamel.  The colors are amazingly vibrant, colorful and each one is blended by hand in the USA.  The color combinations are incredible! Trust me when I tell you the pictures cannot capture the true beauty of this powder.  
Plus, you get a huge amount of powder for your money!  In the photo below I used a bottle of Distress Paint to illustrate how large the containers of the Embossing Enamel are:
Lots of yummy color!
I recently got some new colors and I always want to use my new goodies as soon as I get them, so I decided to make an ATC (artist trading card).
What I used to make my Butterfly ATC:
Decorative Paper
ATC blank

The first thing I did was use the Mars Black 3D Enamel Gel on the frame.  I just used it right out of the bottle.  The funny thing is the black comes out looking like a dark gray.
But it turns to a shiny deep black once it dries.  I set my frame out overnight covered with an extra bubble I had so no cats, or cat hair would get into it. I love how these frames are the perfect size for ATC's!

Then I took my butterfly blank and used a paintbrush to paint where I wanted the Embossing Enamel to adhere.  I use a paint brush so often that I actually poured some of the Embossing Fluid out of the bottle into a small, air tight container so I wouldn’t have to keep popping the top off of the applicator.  I brushed the fluid onto the butterfly blank and shook some Deep Blue Sky enamel onto the blank and heated until done.  I only used one layer of Enamel and I still got this awesome result:
Then I edged the butterfly in Royal Sterling Enamel, again using my paintbrush and embossing fluid.  When you use the fluid with a paintbrush you don’t have to re-dip the brush each time you use it- the brush retains a good amount of the fluid.  For the body I used Ruby Red Slippers – the butterfly is SO sparkly, I tried to capture it but it is very difficult.
See that bubble on the body? Popped it with a toothpick - POOF!
For my ATC I used a piece of cardboard from a mailing box.  You can get a lot of ATC’s from one box and they are sturdier than using just paper.  After I covered my cardboard with the decorative paper (I used a handmade paper in navy blue with little silver sparkles in it) I glued my frame and then my butterfly in the center.

I love the look of the multiple embossing enamels and I think the frame sort of holds it all together.  I hope you are getting some warmer weather where you are; I’m keeping an eye out for the real butterflies!
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maggiegracecreates said...

love it. im collecting all the colors.

Angi MakingMayhem said...

I love all the colors, too! Great close up of the butterfly, Christi. I do believe Ruby Red Slippers is next on my list!

Sandy Fredrick said...

Beautiful, I love the Mars Black on the frame (it's one of the gels I use the most). The butterfly is awesome with the variety of colors.