Saturday, March 29, 2014

Imagine Peace Pendant

For my Globecraft & Piccolo post today I made this pretty pendant. I think visualization can be a powerful tool in your arsenal and I wanted to create something that would make people stop and look. Hopefully, the bright colors  will catch some attention!

The pendant was simple to make and all you need to make one is:
All ready to go!
First you want to emboss your pendant with the Vintage Silver Embossing Enamel 2 or 3 times – take care to roll your bottle of embossing enamel before using as this mixes up the little pieces of powder – and use Embossing Fluid between each emboss.  Before you emboss the pendant the final time, select your rubber stamp (I honestly don’t know if polymer stamps are ok doing this technique) and cover it liberally with the embossing fluid so your stamp won’t stick to the pendant.  You have to be quick doing this step - emboss your pendant the final time, them push your stamp into the still warm Embossing Enamel. Leave the stamp there for a bit; it will pop off when the Embossing Enamel gets cool. 
This creates such a cool effect and texture! 
Then pick out your embellishments for the pendant.  I chose a small butterfly from Butterfly Accents, and embossed that with Royal Sterling.  I wanted to put a heart somewhere but I didn’t have one that I felt was the right size, so I used my small heart punch on some sturdy silver paper.  I then edged the heart with Girls Night Out Embossing Enamel.  I also chose a key from 1” Mini Key Charms and embossed that with Mermaid Tears.  Mermaid Tears is such an unusual color – it reminds me of abalone shells as it is almost holographic.  You really need to see it in person to appreciate the beautiful, subtle purples & pinks that it creates.  When I put the key next to the Vintage Silver, the key took on the color of silver and I wanted it to stand out a bit more so I sprinkled just a bit of the Deep Blue Sky Embossing Enamel onto the key.  It really looks stunning in person but Mermaid Tears is a very difficult powder to catch on film (or whatever you call digital film).

I chose the words Imagine Peace from the Remnant Rubs and applied that directly onto the pendant first. 

Once it was applied, I used a tiny bit of Glastique Gloss to cover the sentiment; I just brushed on with a paintbrush.  I fiddled with the embellishments until I pleased with the placement and glued all of them to the pendant.  I dipped my paintbrush into the Glastique Gloss again and brushed a quick coat over the entire pendant.  Let it dry, added a jump ring and I was done.
If you look closely at the key, you can see the Mermaids Tears color on the tip of it.
I love this pendant and what it stands for! I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.  Please consider following the Globecraft & Piccolo blog - there is a brand new post every day! Thank you & have a peaceful day ~ Christi

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Gorgeous pendent, love the texture from the stamp and the enamel colors on the piccolo pieces.