Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Flowers. . .

Side 1
I had so much fun using the French Oval Bubble Frame Kit to make my Spring Scene that I made this Spring Flowers ornament using another kit that Globecraft & Piccolo manufactures.  There are actually four different Ornament Kits so you can find one to perfectly suit your needs.  

Spring is in the air and I can't wait for the flowers to start blooming!

Side 2
That is one of my four cats, Junior, in the background.  He is enjoying the window!

What I used:

As you can see, I decorated both sides of this ornament; one side is so full of flowers you can’t see the background and the other side I used Distress Markers in Peeled Paint & Mowed Lawn, on the craft sheet, spritzed them, and placed the ornament “back” on it so the background was a nice springy green.  I am calling the green side of the ornament side 2 just so I can be clear on how I decorated each side.

TONS of Flowers!!

When I was looking at all the flowers I had I decided to see if I could emboss one of them to match my project.  I took a pink mulberry flower and used both Enchanted Aubergine & Girls Night Out Embossing Enamel on it and it came out fabulous! I let that cool while I worked on some other flowers.  I also colored one with a Distress Marker in Dusty Concord.  I took my flowers that I was going to use on side one and dotted the centers with White 3D Gel Enamel.  Once they dried (I let them sit overnight just to be sure the dots dried thoroughly) I put some jewels on some of the centers of the flowers and I left some just white.  I placed the flowers where I wanted them and adhered them to the side 1 of the ornament middle.  

Since I used so many flowers on side 1, I decided to go easier on side 2.  I picked out a few more flowers and leaves, attached gems to the centers of the flowers and glued them to the green background. 

The two outer frames

I used the rim as a guide and cut out paper to cover it using the KaiserCraft Violet Crush paper.  I embossed the outer ring (the one that has the hole for hanging), on both sides, with Enchanted Auberguine Embossing Enamel, pieced the ornament together and let it dry (with the help of some binder clips). It is very simple to put the ornament together; it looks harder than it is!

Another view of side 1

I think it came out really sweet (but I honestly should of used less flowers on side 1) and I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.  The Bubble Ornaments are SO fun to make and they come in so many sizes; I am already planning my next one!
Another view, side 2, no bubble
I'm not sure why the Aubergine Embossing Enamel came out looking so dark in some of the pictures.  It really is a beautiful color, much more purple than what shows (could just be my monitor. . .).

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I appreciate your comments & thoughts ~
Fondly, Christi


Sandy Fredrick said...

Love the 2 sided ornament, the flowers are beautiful inside, love the bright colors.

Sandy Hulsart said...

Christi, this is a wonderful burst of Spring. Love the colors you chose and how it is two sided.

Angi MakingMayhem said...

What a great idea to put paper between the bubbles! Fun ornament!