Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Thank You Card

I am finally feeling better and my creative muse is returning. I wish I knew where my muse goes when it disappears. I’m thinking one of my cats got to it and it took off for parts unknown.  I don’t know, and it’s not talking.  Anyway, I have some thank you cards overdue, so today is a break from the birthday card rush.  Here is my card:

No matter HOW many times I tried, I couldn't get the THANK YOU to show up in the pics!
And here is what I used to make it:

Cranberry Wine and Girls Night Out Embossing Enamel

Embossing Fluid
Pink Cardstock Base

Decorative Paper (mine came from Somerset Studio)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Stamp from Catslife Press

It’s a simple card – I wanted the “Thank You” and the flowers to be the focus. 
The Flowers
I used 3 of Stacey’s Flowers, sized so they could be stacked.  I embossed the largest and the smallest with Cranberry Wine Embossing Enamel (I am in LOVE with this color! It has little teeny mirror-like bits in it!) and the middle one with Girls Night Out.  I stacked them and glued them together.  I then took a piece of the decorative paper and embossed the sentiment, using the Cranberry Wine Embossing Enamel as well. 
The Thank You
Cut another square out of the decorative paper, adhered the sentiment to that just to give it a little “pop”.  The hardest part of this card for me was trying to figure out where I wanted to place my flowers.  Once that was sorted, I glued them on and I am good to go!

Please, take a look at the Blog at Globecraft & Piccolo– my wonderful teammates post cool stuff every day! 
And another view
Thanks SO much for stopping by! ~ Christi

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Sandy Fredrick said...

Wonderful Thank You card. Love the embossed sentiment with the flowers.