Friday, March 7, 2014

Be True

Hello my lovelies!

Today I have for you one of my favorite things to create- mini canvases.
Ah they are so much fun and so very sweet.
This project also uses one of my favorite charms sets- Vintage Birdcages.

Mini canvas, fancy napkin, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, epoxy sticker, beads, charms (bow and bird)
Heat gun, tooth pick

First things first- separate the layers of your fancy napkin.
Coat the canvas with mod Podge and stick the top (fancy) layer of the napkin onto the canvas.
Once it's dry, tear off around the edges. Then paint the edges with acrylic paint.

Randomly plop some enamel adhesive fluid onto the canvas and add Aged White enamel powder.
Heat to melt the powder and activate the adhesive.

Coat the solid background for the birdcage with enamel adhesive fluid and then Aged White powder.
Heat it up!
Now coat the fancy part of the birdcage with enamel gels.
Gold on the swirly heart on the door, copper on the rest.
(I went back and did a second coat of the gold once it was all dry).
Once the cage is dry, use a toothpick to put E600 glue onto the back of it and adhere it to the cage background.

Add the birdcage to the left corner of the canvas.
Use the E600 to add a bow to the cage (this bow was a charm that I cut the loop off of).
Randomly spread some E600 around the bottom of the cage/bottom edge of the canvas 
and drop beads onto it.  

Add your epoxy sticker and a bird charm, and it's all done!


Sandy Fredrick said...

Wonderful design, I love the colors you used on the birdcage, the Aged White spots on the napkin and the sprinkle of colorful beads. Awesome!!

leslierahye strickland said...

Fabulous Aimee! I love your mini canvas!

Angi MakingMayhem said...

I haven't decoupaged a napkin in looks fab on your mini canvas! Love the birdcage & your up cycled bow charm.